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Customer Claims


What may be the subject of a claim against OPASCOR?

Loss or damage of any merchandise or cargo while under the custody and control of OPASCOR and resulting from its fault or negligence.


What are the requirements before filing a Claim?

Pursuant to CPA Administrative Order No. 2-2006, upon knowledge of loss, damage, or destruction of any merchandise or cargo, the authorized representative of the damaged cargo must file a written request to OPASCOR for a Certificate of Loss, Damage of Cargo within thirty (30) days from the date of last delivery of the last package to the consignee.  Failure to comply with this condition precedent shall bar any action for the recovery of loss or damage against OPASCOR.


What is the period within which a claim may be filed?

Consistent with CPA Administrative Order No. 2-2006, claimant may file a claim within 15 days from the issuance by OPASCOR of a certificate of non-delivery, damage or loss. Should OPASCOR fail to issue a certification within 15 days from the receipt of written request by the shipper/consignee or his duly authorized representative, or any interested party, the said certification shall be deemed to have been issued, and thereafter, the 15 days within which to file the claim commences.


How is a claim filed?

A claim may be filed by submitting a formal claim letter either personally or through electronic mail.  The claim shall be supported with machine copies of the following documents, when applicable:


1.Certificate of Loss, Damage or Non-Delivery

2.Bill of Lading


4.Certified Packing List

5.Pictures of the Damaged Article

6.Repair estimates or computation arrived at covering the loss, injury or damage or proof of the actual cost  of the damage or loss.


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