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To whom shall the claim letter be sent to?

The claim-letter may be sent to OPASCOR’s Customer Care Office.  It is this office which is tasked to receive, investigate and process claims received by OPASCOR.


Customer Care Office

Tel. No. 032-2329479; email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



How many days will it take for a claim to be processed?

OPASCOR’s Customer Care Office has 6 working days to investigate the claim. After completion, the investigation result will be forwarded to the Office of OPASCOR’s Chief Legal Officer.  The CLO will then have six (6) working days to review the investigation results and come up with a recommendation. The CLO will immediately send a formal letter to the claimant should the claim is denied. However, if the recommendation is for payment, it will be forwarded to OPASCOR’s Office of the President and General Manager for final approval.


What happens after payment of a claim is finally approved?

When payment of a claim received by OPASCOR has been approved,OPASCOR’s Claim-In-Charge (under OPASCOR’s Finance Department) will inform the claimant of the said approval, by phone or by email.


What are the usual documents required from claimants during claim payment?

For the release of claim payment, OPASCOR’s Finance Department requires the submission or execution of the following documents:


1.Official Receipt or Acknowledgement Receipt


3.If the claimant is a corporation or a partnership: Board Resolution or Secretary’s Certificate showing authority in favor of the person executing the Quitclaim for and in behalf of the claimant


Requests for Certificate of Damage, Loss or Non-Delivery


Where can a request for a Certificate of Damage, Loss or Non-Delivery be filed?

Written requests for the said certificate may be filed or sent to OPASCOR’s Customer Care Office.


How many days will it take for a request to be acted upon?

Your request will be initially responded to within two (2) workings days by our Customer Care personnel. Our Customer Care office shall also attend to your request and dispose the same within six (6) working days from receipt thereof.


Customer Complaints


In cases of complaints or concerns, where can the same be filed for OPASCOR’s action?

Any concern or complaint may be sent to OPASCOR’s Customer Care office through e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone at Tel. No. (032) 2329479.


What is the procedure followed by OPASCOR upon receipt of a customer concern or complaint?

Our Customer Care office will evaluate the complaint and immediately give a feedback thereon to the complainant. It will then coordinate with OPASCOR’s concerned department/office for the investigation/verification of the complaint so that the same is resolved or addressed when warranted. The same office will then inform the customer of the final action undertaken on the complaint/concern sent to OPASCOR.


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