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Bulk Handling Facility

In the last quarter of 2010, OPASCOR's P250Million Bulk Handling Facility also became commercially operational. The facility is intended to gain back the confidence of bulk shippers in the port of Cebu. The Bulk Handling Facility known as the Cebu Bulk Grain Terminal (CBGT) is equipped with a dedicated rail mounted shore crane and grabs.  It also has a network of conveyors and elevators.  At a maximum rated capacity of up to 300 tonnes per hour, bulk cargoes are speedily discharged from the vessel to the three (3) conical steel silos erected just across the berth.  Four (4) bagging machines that are capable of bagging up to 100 tonnes per hour are provided with an adjustable drop conveyors that ensure bags are received at truck tail-end in precise angle. At the option of the cargo owner, a hopper with a flow rate of 100 tonnes per hour is also provided for those who wish to withdraw their cargo by bulk.  Inside the terminal is also a 50,000-bag capacity warehouse available to cargo owners for temporary storage of their cargoes. Our terminal is operated with new technology using human-machine interface.  Operations are controlled and monitored through computers hooked to a programmable logic controller.