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CPA Administrative Orders

AO 01-1998 (Guidelines in the Disposition of Overstaying and,or Abandoned Cargoes within the Premises)

AO 01-2000 (General Port Rules and Regulations)

AO 01-2006 (Clarification on the Definition of Special Cargoes)

AO 01-2008 (Mandatory Weighing of Outbound Foreign Container Vans)

AO 02-2005 (Addendum to CPA Administrative Order No. 04-99 - Special Cargoes Owned and Consigned to Government Offices)

AO 02-2008 (Treatment of Cargoes Released for Withdrawal But Later Cancelled)

AO 03-1998 (Policy Guidelines and General Conditions for the Management and Operation of Cargo-Handling Services)

AO 04-1998 (Guidelines on the Granting of Extension of Free Storage Period - EFSP)

AO 04-1999 (Policy on Special Cargoes Owned and Consigned to Certain Government Offices)

CPA AO 01-2010 (Mandatory Weighing of Outbound Loaded Vans)

CPA-MC No.16-2001 (Implementing Guidelines on Proper Solid Waste Management)

CPA-MC No.19-2005 (Addendum to MC No. 11-2005 - Tariff Increase in Foreign Cargo Handling Charges)

CPA-MC No. 01-2011 (15% Increase in Rental Rates)

CPA-MC No. 02-1997 (General Pass Control System, Access Regulations and Traffic and Safety Rules)

CPA-MC No. 02-2004 (Revised Guidelines in the Implementation of Cash and Carry System & Restricted Extension of Credit)

CPA-MC No. 02-2005 (Guidelines on Receiving Export Containers at CIP Without or Awaiting Complete Documentation)

CPA-MC NO. 03-1997 (Prescribing Procedure on the Imposition of Administrative Fines and Penalties)

CPA-MC No. 03-2003 (Treatment of Cargoes Held But Not Seized by the Bureau of Customs vis-a-vis Storage Charges)

CPA-MC No. 03-2005 (Annual Increase in Rental Rates)

CPA-MC No. 03-2008 (Guidelines on the Entry or Exit and Storage of Dangerous Cargoes)

CPA-MC No. 04-2010 (Portworker's Retirement and Separation Fund)

CPA-MC No. 06-2001 (Environmental Statement Policy)

CPA-MC No. 06-2004 (Implementing Rules on Prevention of Spillage of Oil & Petroleum Products in the Port & Port Facilities)

CPA-MC No. 06-2010 (Implementing Rules & Regulations on Mandatory Weighing of Outbound Loaded Domestic Vans)

CPA-MC No. 07-2008 (Tariff Increase for Foreign Cargo Handling Services)

CPA-MC No. 07-2010 (Implementation of CPA A.O. No. 01-2010)

CPA-MC No. 07-A 2008 Erratum for Section 2.3 of MC 07-2008 (Tariff Increase for Foreign Cargo Handling)

CPA-MC No. 08-2010 (Amendment to CPA-MC No. 07-2010)

CPA-MC No. 09-2004 (Implementing Guidelines of the Value Added Tax on Port Fees and Charges)

CPA-MC No. 09-2011 (Amendment to CPA-MC No. 06-2010)

CPA-MC No. 14-2001 (Implementing Rules and Regulations on Entry and Withdrawal of Livestock)

CPA-MC No. 20-2005 (Guidelines in the Charges of Power Services in the Baseport)

Other Cebu Port Authority Administrative Orders



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